Countries we work with
Export quota
Organic quota
1500 m2
Storage capacity
300 tons
Average stocking
General overview

Herbatica is Ukrainian supplier of medical herbs, plants, flowers, berries, and barks
• We are currently selling to traders, processors and pharma companies in Central/Eastern Europe (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus), but would like to reach out major customers in Western Europe and the USA
• We offer both conventional and organic products for our clients - Currently
,Herbatica is undergoing a second audit for obtaining an organic certificate (trader, processor, manufacturer) with expected certification in February 2019 In the previous 12 months, our company had no comments or violations in the direction of "organic" and we are very proud of this fact. - Our certifying authority "Organic Standard" (organic certification body code: UA-BIO-108) - Our product mix for 2019 will be ~25% organic. We aim to become the leading supplier of organic raw materials in our market segment
•Herbatica has started own pilot project in growing (nettle, sunflower petals) and plans to further increase harvested areas for medicinal plants, herbsand flowers
• We are not the “just another one-off” supplier from Ukraine. We want to become a reliable and long-term business partner for our customers and are ready to invest in it (including potential JVs)
• We have brought together a perfect management team to realize our strategic ambitions

Our management team